Cycling in 2019

Hi Friends. Those of you who know me know that I haven’t had a full year of cycling over the last two due to some form of injury. Last year (2018) I didn’t even dust off my road bike once. This year I aim to change that. I have scheduled a weekly Mountain Bike ride, a weekly Road Bike ride, and I’m actively volunteering with Cycling PEI’s Rigid Riders program teaching the RADults Adult Mountain bike Instructional Program, which I helped develop. On top of all that, you will be able to find me at events during Bike Week 2019 at the Farmer’s Market in Charlottetown, and at the PEI Provincial Library in Charlottetown doing tune-ups or cycling clinics. I am working with other local businesses such as Upstreet Craft Brewing and Stratford Coffee House/Now n Zen Wellness Yoga Studio to promote cycling as part of a healthy lifestyle. I make very little, if any money doing all of this, but still do the odd bike tune up for a fee. My goal is to get more butts on bikes and share my passion for all forms of cycling. Someday I hope I can make a living doing this without the need for another day job. Until then, I’ll continue to spend as much of my spare time on a bicycle riding with friends. I hope you can join me! – Sincerely, Geoff.