PEI Bike Guy Caricature

Who Is PEI Bike Guy?

My name is Geoff Murray. I've worked in the cycling industry for over 30 years in various positions, some of which include:
Bike Mechanic, Bike Shop Manager/Salesperson, Mountain Bike and Road Bike Coach, Mountain Bike Commissaire, Event Planner, Skills Instructor, Tour Guide, and more.
I've worked in shops in Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia and I try to remain connected to the cycling communities in both provinces.
I've led tours all across Canada and into the Unites States, specifically Moab, Utah.
I love riding with friends new and old, and especially enjoy seeing riders learn something new and find their "Flow."

Meet the Team

It takes a whole village to make a business succeed, and while PEI Bike Guy technically only has one employee, here are a few people that help make it possible.


Geoff Murray

Founder & CEO

Yep, that's me.


Cynthia "Cyn" King

Master Chef and Festivities Organizer

Cynthia is my ride buddy, drinking buddy, provider of delicious meals, not to mention the owner of PEI Cycling Tours! She helps with all things cycling and is a riot to hang out or ride with.


Brad "Bradler" Wonnacott

Chief Bacon Technician

Brad is my go-to guy for support whether it be a ride guide, drinking buddy or Bacon Preparation Expert.